TreynWrek 2017

The Band


(Lead Vocals / Lead Gutar)

Trey claims to be born in Dallas but the exact year is still unknown. He has an antiquated style about him that makes you wonder if he was even born in this century. But I tell you what, if you dress the boy in red and white stripes, you won’t be able to find him in a book. Little is known about this outlaw but it is apparent that he was forged in fire; heat treated and came out guns a blazing. Some say he bears the mark of the scorpion king but this has yet to be proven. Legend says that at an early age he fell in love at first sight with Anne Marie, his first guitar. She felt good in his hands and when he strummed her strings, a spark was ignited that caused an electric fire deep inside his soul. Without a guitar, Trey is pretty boring dude but when he straps one on, he becomes a wild man that cannot be easily tamed. Its like a supernatural force takes over his body and fiery notes fly from his fingertips. Extreme caution must be taken when he is in full steam because debris (hats, glasses, etc) have been known to fly off the track. Trey cut his teeth on guitar at a young age playing with his 1st band Funcableu. When the band disbanded, he co-founded Treynwrek, the hottest Blues-Rock Band on the Gulf Coast that continues chugging down the tracks.


James "MudBug" Breaux
(Bass Gutar)

James was born deep in the swamps of Louisiana and his first bass guitar was homemade.  Legend has it that he used catfish guts for strings, an old piece of driftwood and a tin pot he stole from his mamma. (She is still not too happy seeing it was her favorite gumbo pot).    As he sat on the edge of Bayou Petit Caillou, he heard the sounds of the wind blowing through the shrimp nets, the high pitched squeal of a seagull and the low tones of mating bull frog calling him to become a musician.  James knew what he had to do but continued to make excuses about becoming a musician so toyed around making funny videos and hanging out with Couillons.   Then one night after passing out from one too many beers, it is said that the Rougarou came to him in a dream and told him to pick up the bass and play metal.  In fear for his life, James practiced and practiced until his claws were nicely calloused.   James developed a music style with a relatively harsh an infectious beat with a lot of forward drive that won him a position in a band called Lore, a local hard hitting swamp metal band from Houma.   James toured with this band for 6 years until strange winds began to blow across the bayou.  These winds along with some strange voodoo uprooted the boy from the swamps and blew him and his bateau to the big city of Houston.   For months, James burrowed himself in the mud and hid himself from the music. This is because the voodoo had a hold of his biroute and would not let him play.   James finally came out of his shell and joined one of the hottest blues rock bands in town called TreynWrek.  The voodoo curse was broken and he became baddest bass slapping Mudbug in Texas.



Tim "Wingnut" Hutto

Let’s just face it!! Tim is too freaking old to be in this band!  However, he is the best looking member of the band and you know what they say .. “Someone has to be the responsible one”.  Wait one darn minute!  Are we going to agree that someone who calls himself WINGNUT is responsible?  I don’t think so Tim.  Calling Tim responsible is like calling Kanye West a real musician.   It just doesn’t work.  Yes it’s true that Tim is a little crazy, funny, cute, loveable, adorable, sweet, can dance, drinks rum … GOOD LORD, STOP AND GET ON WITH THE BIO!   

Tim is originally from Ft Worth, Texas but landed in Houston after sailing the seven seas for 20 years with the Pirates of Penzance.   Based on medical records, Tim came from a musical family but unfortunately he was not blessed with the musical genes.  Well, not until his mamma dropped him on his head.   At that moment, he picked up a stick from the floor and small amount of drool came out of the side of his mouth.  His daddy screamed excitedly “OMG, he’s a drummer”  Fast forward to 2009… sadly, all information prior was accidently erased off Tim’s VHS autobiography tape.  Ever since Tim was a small child, he had a strong desire to play with someone other than himself (pause for inappropriate jokes).   Come on, he wanted to play in a band!!  Tim’s dream came true when he co-founded the Montgomery Walker Band, a short lived blues-rock band that died shortly after Tim was fired from his own band.   This threw Tim right off the tracks and he did not play drums for over a year until he met up with the young fire-breathing guitarist Trey Dryden.  They both co-founded a band that’s been on FIRE for the past 6 years.   That band, as you well know, is TREYNWREK.