TreynWrek 2017

The Band


(Lead Vocals / Lead Gutar)

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James "MudBug" Breaux
(Bass Gutar)

James was born deep in the swamps of Louisiana. His first bass was homemade using catfish guts as strings, an old piece of driftwood and a tin pot he stole from his mamma. As he sat on the edge of the canal he would hear the wind blowing through the shrimp nets along with the high pitched squeal of a seagull and the low tones of mating bull frog.  Deep down he heard the calling to become a musicians. He began with metal and played the dark smoky venues with his first band LORE.  This lasted over 6 years until his boat ended up in north Houston.  There he boarded the Treyn and became a Mudbug out of water slapping the stings in the hottest blues rock band in town. 


Tim Hutto

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